Enough Already! 11 Things About Best Diwali Gifts We’re Tired of Hearing

Everyone is bound to feel joyous and be super excited when the festival of Diwali is around. They eagerly look forward to it and begin their preparations- making the house spic and span, illuminating the house with decorations of flowers and lights, buying new furnishings and many other things. Diwali is a series of celebrations lasting many days. Diwali is a festival that is about sharing and showing love, care and honor to the people a person holds dear to their heart. Nothing exchanges affection better than gifts. People meet and greet all those who matter and present them with gifts. Diwali gifts help you share good fortune and add a positive vibe to the festival. There is no joy comparable to giving and receiving a gift that is thoughtful and is of good quality.

Diwali Dream= receiving perfect Diwali Gifts. But there’s a catch! The problem starts here- people do not seriously know what to pick and they end up buying the same trite and stereotyped gift they gifted the previous Diwali, or better idea: re-gifting. But does anyone even like these gifts? No, right! Better not give anything than giving a gift that is at the bottom of the list of desirable gifts. We have all received not-so-great gifts. Here is a list of things we are tired of hearing about popular Diwali Gifts and some recommendations about what to gift this Diwali so that you become a person everyone awaits a gift from. Read on!

1.)  ‘What do I do about this stack of sweets?’

When you think of Diwali gifts you will get, is a box of sweets, chocolates, or dry fruits on the top of your list? Is it on the list at all? We have all been there- receiving boxes of sweets, especially soan papdi, from as much as 10 of the relatives. Not humanly possible to eat these many sweets! So we resort to passing them on. The receiver passing them on further. And it becomes a vicious circle.

2.)  ‘Oh no! You shouldn’t have gifted me this’

There are gifts that make you go like this- a cheap-looking crockery set, a piece of outdated jewelry or handbags, scented things in scents we don’t even like and others as such. These gifts are either passed on or kept stashed away in some cupboard. And because they are from your special ones so you let them slide.

3.)  ‘This looks expensive, I should gift this’

Giving or receiving a crazy-expensive gift just because it looks expensive- utterly tasteless debauchery!

4.)  ‘I am so out of ideas to gift’

It happens that people run out of ideas to gift. Finding the best Diwali gift for someone who is impossible to shop for is brain-wrecking. But not when you have Melangegift to your rescue.

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5.)  ‘Let me re-gift this’

Anything Regifted- Just.. don’t. But us Indians are a thrifty breed. We just can’t throw something away so what we do is hand it down to someone we don’t even know would use it.

6.)  ‘This is what I gifted last year!’

Tearing the final piece of wrapping just to reveal that it is the same gift you presented last year is a total bummer. Nothing worse than receiving your own gift. It rubs the wrong way.

7.)  ‘What use is this tacky statue?’

A truly tacky and entirely useless statue or tchotchkes. Inappropriate and then some! That’s not the kind of “memorable” you want to go for. Of course, there is nothing memorable about it.

8.)  ‘This gift keeps on giving reasons to complain about it’

A gift that keeps giving excuses to whine about it- a gift that requires extra stuff to be able to operate or needs a skill is a complete no-no. The receiver will not have the nerves to use it again.

9.)  ‘Cash as a gift? Oh, how thoughtful!’

There is no gift more thoughtful than cash (Oh yes, we are being sarcastic here!).  Giving cash to grown-up adults is downright awkward. We don’t even consider that as a gift-something with absolutely no effort.

10.) ‘Why gift me this when you don’t know my size?’

Clothes as a gift in a size too small or too large will put the receiver in a sour mood. You do not want to see the look on their face when you bought a size 10 when they wear 6. It would never come close to a fitting and would just hang in the closet.

11.) ‘I don’t even go to this store. What do I do about this gift card now?’

A gift card to a store that someone does not even prefer going to is money going down the drain.

Nothing feels worse than watching someone open a gift and pretend to like it. You don’t want to find yourself guilty of these sins and be known for giving horrible gifts. Make sure you do not get the reputation of giving bad Diwali Gifts. Do not resort to gifts that nobody would use.Gift something that gels with the personality of the receiver. Make Melangegift your first choice and you would not go wrong. We have a variety that will appeal to everyone. Give a luxurious touch to Diwali with opulent gifts from us and you can be sure you are buying the best. Make everyone smile as they receive fantastic gifts from you.

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Don’t fall prey to any of the terrible hackneyed gift ideas. Make sure your present never end up on some “Worst Gift Ideas Ever” post or becomes a part of the tale that brings to mind the unpleasant memory of receiving it. Instead, shop for something that is both unique and exquisite. Save yourself any embarrassment and order now at Melangegift. Have a wonderful Diwali!

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