6 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference With Your Best Diwali Gift

The thrill of Diwali is already in the air! It’s time for new beginnings. Diwali has a little bit of everything for everyone- lights, scrumptious mithais, get-togethers, games, and GIFTS- the best of all with the power to light up the festive mood! But we are tired of seeing people going about buying the same old gifts which-no one would say out loud- but nobody likes to receive any more. We know that finding something that would be liked by the receiver is a daunting task, especially when you don’t know the person’s choices. You certainly would not want to waste your money buying something that sits in some corner of the receiver’s house and collects dust or something that they would hand-over to someone else.

A gift has the potential to affect the sentiments of the receiver. When you gift something to someone, a memory attaches to it that could last long, good or bad- depends on what the gift is. Since the festival is all about spreading happiness, we should gift something that can be liked and treasured by the receiver. A gift reflects your good intentions and how much you care, love and value someone. Gifting, when done right, fosters relationships and helps create cherishable memories. To help you pick wisely, we have pointed out a few changes that you need to make with your Best Diwali Gifts for little changes can cause big impacts! Here are the important changes that are needed to be made-

1.) A little tweak to the way you gift

Gifting sweets and chocolates is a no-brainer. They make for a cliched Diwali present. They have become passe since the fad of healthy eating is catching up and there has been a rise in health-consciousness. People are swerving away from these high-on calorie gifts. Go a little far from the ordinary. Bring about a much-needed modification in your gifting and present something that is not generic or usual.

2.) Plan well in advance

Gifting is the essence of Diwali. People naturally expect gifts from their loved ones. They put in their best efforts to buy yo a gift. Would you not want to return the favor? You would. So plan your gifts well before time. Do not be dependent on the last-minute gifting. Gifts that are picked up in a hurry show and they are not going to be any hit with the receiver.

3.) Give a gift that never goes out of style

Gifts like sweets, crockery, bedsheets, candles have ruled Diwali gifting for quite a lot of time now. Go beyond the same old. It’s time we evolve our tastes and invest in something that stays in style for long and could be put to use for a long time by the receiver. Silver and gold plated items are one such gift, they adorn the place and can be used practically too, always staying in vogue, garnering compliments.

4.) Give Sensitive Gifts

Are you not tired of seeing sweet and chocolate boxes everywhere in the run-up to Diwali? Gifting sugary items to someone battling with weight and diabetes is both mean and insensitive. Everyone receives sugar-laden gifts made of inferior quality ingredients. They just get added to the pile. This Diwali, think better. Buy what you know the receiver will both use and appreciate.


5.) Do Away with Plastic Gift-Wrapping

Almost everyone wraps their gifts in bright-colored packaging. Plastic wrapping is non-biodegradable and harms our environment and adds to the trash around us. Make a difference this Diwali. Go for paper or corrugated packaging instead of shimmery wrapping.

6.) Present High-Quality gifts

Come Diwali and people start to look for items to decorate their houses. Why not gift them something that helps them in bedecking and brightening their houses? People are using Silver artifacts and silverware as a new gifting option. But the main thing that is to be kept in mind is the quality and luxurious looking design. A bad quality decor item would be better not gifted. So buy from a reputed seller to ensure the authenticity of the product.

The facets of the festival have now changed. People have now started to put a little more thought, effort and money into what they gift. But if you have no clue as to what would make a perfect Diwali Gift and if you are loath to gifting and receiving run-of-the-mill prezzies, we have got you covered. Melangegift brings luxury and pureness to you this Diwali. We have an array of products that range from Silver Bowls to Silver Boxes To Silver Idols and many more. Melangegift is redefining the ritual with silver products. Whether exquisitely crafted silverware, home decor pieces, and pooja articles, if you want the silver that you gift or own shining brighter than the others’, then shop from us. Present your loved ones with these meticulously selected Diwali Gift items.

The gifts like

Butterfly Enameled Crystal Photo Frame
Butterfly Enameled Crystal Photo Frame

add aesthetic value and help enhance the decor of any place while gorgeously displaying memories and freezing the best moments.

Unique Ceramic Flower Gold Basket
Unique Ceramic Flower Gold Basket

is catnip for every housewife that loves table decor. We believe there isn’t a single person who wouldn’t covet our

Round Wire Silver Bowl
Round Wire Silver Bowl

) for its intricate designing. We personally vouch for Duck Shaped Silver Bowls with Silver Tray (TS1002) to gloriously present candies or dry-fruits to your guests, it makes a nice gift too. What’s better than a present that the receiver finds useful too, the Peacock Pen Holder( GI1092)

bedecks a dest and holds the mobile in place. The ideal choice for a gift for a friend that relishes brews will be

Ceramic Flower Unique Coffee Mug Set
Ceramic Flower Unique Coffee Mug Set

You can pick the Square Cutwork Pearl Silver Jewelry Box (JB1024) for an excellent and gorgeous gift, it will sit prettily on the dresser, beautifully bearing all the accessories.


Happy Gifting!

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