9 Ways to Completely Sabotage Your Premium Diwali Gifts

9 Ways to Completely Sabotage Your Premium Diwali Gifts

The Festival of Diwali isn’t just about decorations and pooja offerings but also about the exchange of gifts to spread more joy and love. More often than not, Diwali gifting makes us nervous and pressured.

‘God! I need to buy 20 gifts this Diwali. My people are so difficult to please. How am I going to sort it all out?’ These thoughts cross almost everyone’s mind when hunting for nice Diwali Gifts. But isn’t gifting supposed to make us happy and excited? To guard you against any gift-giving mishap, we offer up ways that completely sabotage your Diwali Gifts.


See if you have been making these mistakes. Keep in mind to avoid them this Diwali.

1.) Re-gifting

If you regift a present to someone who you don’t know really needs it, you are more likely to end up on their bad giver list. It also runs the risk of hurting feelings If you didn’t want a gift, why would someone else?

2.) Terrible Packaging

hey say the first impression is the last impression. The gift already looks tacky if it is awfully packed. The packaging matters! You will end up receiving a less-than-stellar reaction when the person receives the gift. And you wouldn’t want that.

Ceramic Flower Unique Coffee Mug Set
Ceramic Flower Unique Coffee Mug Set

3.) Generic Gifting

Forgo the idea of gifts that are ‘safe’. The receiver is sure going to have that ‘Oh! Another disappointment’ look on their face. The usual gifts make no impression whatsoever and play zero roles in bolstering relationships.

4.) Giving Gifts that are Too-Practical

That is to say, practical Gifts such as clothing or personal care gifts aren’t very bad gifts but they won’t be talked about in the time to come.

5.) Gifts not delivered on time

Flower Design Pink Crystal Studded Silver Box
Flower Design Pink Crystal Studded Silver Box

    Receiving gifts after the occasion has already passed will not garner the same happy reaction. It will ruin the impact of the gift.

6.) The Frenzy Gifting- Picking a gift in the 11th hour

The gifts that are picked up in a hurry and without much effort are not going to be a hit with the receiver.

7.) Giving Low-quality Gifts

The gifts that are hideously unflattering and thoughtless are disheartening. Steer clear of gifting something that looks cheap because not only just the gift, people also remember their feelings upon receiving it. The nostalgia sometimes takes over and it can be hurtful. The path between a bad gift and deteriorated relationship is short.

8.) Giving Gifts That Are Signs Of Bad Luck

For instance, giving a gift with bad luck colors like black that brings death with it or gifting the unlucky metal gifts, for example, tin foretells mischief.

9.) Not Keeping the Receiver in Mind

People get so stuck with the sentimentality of the gift that they forget to gift something that would be of much use to the receiver. Do not lose the sight of what the recipient actually needs. One should give gifts that are feasible and easy to use by considering their own preference for the item.

Glass Globe Silver Bowl
Glass Globe Silver Bowl

Gifts are the symbols of the relationship that you share with the receiver and the self. They reveal the connections that we have. A Gift- good or bad- attaches memory to it. Everyone remembers the gifts they receive. The gift doesn’t just reveal the image the giver has of you; it exposes the character and the thinking of the giver as well. So remember the above-mentioned points while gifting.

Meticulously crafted silverware, home decor items make great gifts because they communicate not just practicality but also something beyond that, that the giver cares and values the relationship. Melangegift offers an eclectic selection of good Diwali Gifts. Whether you’re looking for something practical, artsy or classic, our gift ideas won’t disappoint. Trust us, there’s something for everyone’s taste and budget in here. We satisfy even the pickiest buyer.

Unique Ceramic Flower Gold Basket
Unique Ceramic Flower Gold Basket

Go for our Crystal Bowl Set with Silver Tray to serve dry-fruits in style. Whether you want to own it or gift it, the Square Cutwork Silver Platter makes a style-forward pick. Our Glass Globe Silver Bowl is sure to satiate the senses. Bringing to life the basket weave design, Unique Ceramic Flower Gold Basket makes quite an impression. Adorned with flower motifs Ceramic Flower Unique Coffee Mug Set gives brews a sumptuous makeover and makes an excellent gift. With unique craftsmanship, Flower Design Pink Crystal Studded Silver Box stores dry-fruits or preserves the jewelry. Enjoy a spoonful of pleasures and delicious desserts Duck Shaped Bowl Set that comes with a Silver Tray and you can gift it too. We named just a few here. To browse more, visit our website and make your pick.

Have a happy shopping and gifting. May Your Diwali be Bright!

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