Do’s and Don’ts For Successfully Planning Exclusive Diwali Gifts

Do’s and Don’ts For Successfully Planning Exclusive Diwali Gifts


The gifting season is on! Gift-giving is the core essence of this festival. People commemorate the festival of joy by presenting elegant Diwali Gifts to their affectionate ones. But the inevitable questions remains in their minds- ‘What would be a perfect Diwali Gift?’ ‘Where would I find them?’ Not being able to find the answers, people start splurging on regular gifts with no bother in their heart. They go by the norm of exchanging sweets as a part of Indian Culture. They visit the same usual markets and pick expected gifts or they would just call the sweets or dry-fruit vendor and place an order in bulk. Diwali gifting- Sorted! But, is it?


Thinking of receiving similar gifts from all the relatives can make anyone cringe. We might accept these gifts with stiff smiles, for whether or not we like it, a gift is a gift. We cannot turn it down. The gift either goes sitting in some corner of the house or we just gift it further to someone who doesn’t matter much. It’s high time we realize we do not need all this. We need something refreshing.


To make Diwali gifting a cinch for you and make your gifting worthy, we have listed below a few do’s and don’ts for successfully planning exclusive Diwali Gifts with some gifts that will be a surefire success. Read on! Let’s go for the Don’ts first-


Do not go for dull and mundane conventional gifts. We request you.

Not many people these days appreciate a box of sweets or gourmets or even chocolates, for almost everyone, now has turned health conscious.  Gifting sweets to someone fighting obesity or diabetes will be insensitive. They even have a shorter shelf life. Gifts like bedsheets, clothes, utensils, cup-sets, and others hardly bring joy to anyone anymore. These have been a permanent solution when you don’t find anything good or worthy. Get over them, because there are umpteen super luxurious gifts around, that you can gift with your head held high! Stand out from the crowd this time.


1.) Do not recycle gifts

‘Oh! I don’t like or need this gift, let me just give it away’- this is how most of us think. This time, no recycling gifts please! Unless you want to sever ties with the receiver, do not regift. Nobody appreciates hand-me-down gifts that are of zero use to them. The change of wrapping to a beautiful one makes no difference to the gift. Nobody will remember you for your ‘unique’ gift. Spare each other this time and gift away only when you know the person will use and appreciate them.


2.) Do not gift something you wouldn’t wish to get yourself.

Avoid run-of-the-mill items and gifts that look cheap and tacky. Do not gift something you picked from a flea-market. When you aren’t sure about the likes, dislikes, and standards of the person you are gifting to, gift something that many people are likely to welcome.


Do not gift fake silver items and coins

Gifting silver and gold items are one of the best options for their value get increased over time. Lakshmi and Ganesha figures stamped on silver coins encased in glass containers have been a perennial favorite. But what use they would be if they are not real. They are not going to make anyone happy either. Take good care that the coins you buy are hallmarked and made out of pure and high-quality silver.


3.) Do not gift something that renders short-term joy

The ribbon falls off. The wrapper comes out. The gift is revealed. And the excitement on the person’s face when they see the gift. We usually imagine this and pick gifts. They short-term joy masks the long-term use. But it shouldn’t be that way. A gift should be treasurable and should make a long-lasting impression.


The Do’s


1.) Look for Diwali Gifts Online

You do not need to travel far and wide to pick appropriate Diwali Gifts. Browse online. You even get the idea about the prices of the gift items. It will also save you from being charged unfairly. At our online portal, you can explore hundreds of options at just one place and save your time and effort. Choose beautiful Diwali gifts from the comfort of your place.


2.) Consider the preferences of the receiver

Be smart about what you gift others. Consider what your loved one could possibly want or what they do not own. Give a gift that gels with the personality of the receiver. Be sensitive about what you gift.


3.) Give gifts that are easy to use

Would you like to receive a gift that looks chic and high-quality but you will have to invest a lot of time reading the user manual trying figuring out how it would work? No, right! Because there is no point in having something that looks exciting but has a complicated use. Gifting something that has a clear use and also adds to the aesthetic will make the receiver actually happy.


4.) Prioritize Quality

Always pick quality when you have to choose between quantity and quality. A well-considered gift is so much better than a bounty of not-so-useful gifts. Even if the size of the gift is small, it should be of the finest quality so that the receiver feels really special. Gifting something tacky and low-quality affects your reputation and makes a very bad impression.


5.) Gift something interesting

Present something that is unusual, something that captivates the beholder, something not many people would gift. A gift that has a luxury feel to it shows the receiver how important they are in your life.


Let the presents you gift not lie in some corner of the receiver’s house, collecting dust or waiting to be passed on to someone else. Make your Diwali Gifting memorable for whomever you share it with. Melangegift offers an eclectic collection of exclusive Diwali Gifts.


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Not only do you get Silver gifts from us at an unbeatable price but also get free shipping, and free packaging. Have a hassle-free gifting experience with us! 


Not only do you get Silver gifts from us at an unbeatable price but also get free shipping, and free packaging. Have a hassle-free gifting experience with us!  


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