Don’t Make These Silly Mistakes With Your Premium Diwali Gifts

The countdown of our favorite festival has begun! Diwali is the festival where you get a chance to tell your special ones how their presence brightens up your life. The best way to tell your loved ones they matter is by gifting them some high-end Diwali gifts for everyone likes to receive a gift that is exceptional from their dear ones.

A gift aptly conveys your emotions when words fail. It shows that the receiver was on your minds and you invested time in thinking about what they would like and went out of your way to find a perfect gift for them. Some important and special people in your life deserve to be splurged on. This is the best time to do so. But imagine a situation where you picked an exquisite gift to be sent to your affectionate ones but made one or more mistakes. This will fade the enchantment of the gift, which of course we know you would not want. You want your gift to make a maximum impression and a good memory for the receiver. We want to make gifting a stress-free and hassle-free experience for you, therefore we have pointed out a few gifting blunders you need to avoid with your premium Diwali gifts so that they make a strong and lasting impact. Take a look-

1.) Not keeping in mind the sensibility of the receiver

Speculate the responsiveness of the recipient of the gift. Don’t gift something that is personal, evokes unpleasant memories, makes the person conscious or leaves them embarrassed. You want a gift that your receiver admires and remembers as an excellent gift. Most people receive gifts that they keep to themselves or pass them to less important acquaintances. But this does not fulfill the purpose of gifting.

2.) Not buying from a reliable online store

Order on a store that sells high-quality products and makes timely-delivery of gift items in pristine condition, only then a gift will be worthwhile. A tacky gift is a mere waste of money, it might just look good initially but would wither with time and the receiver will add it to trash. In Corporate gifting, the stakes are high. A cheap quality gift will hamper the reputation of the brand and will not result in the desired brand awareness.

3.) Not making the right decision about the functionality and aesthetics while sending a gift

People have different perceptions regarding a gift item. Some people value the utility of a product whereas, the others prefer a gift for the looks and designing of it. A gift must either be practical or it should add to the aesthetics of the place. How amazing a gift would be if it has both! Reckon the preferences of the receiver. You must select a gift based on what matters to them- utility or visual appeal.

4.) Gifting something that might affect the health of the receiver

Gifting a consumable that makes a bad impact on the health of the receiver will be a mean and an insensible thing to do. For example, a sugary item for someone fighting with obesity or diabetes is not an ideal choice of a Diwali gift. If you want to help, gift something that will make the person happy.

5.) Gifting something that the receiver already has

Oops! You gifted something that your receiver already owns. This happens many times because we subconsciously remember things that our loved ones have and we end up buying the same. Yes, we know you cannot know what a person already possesses so gifting them something unusual and uncommon. Go out-of-the-box this Diwali. Gift something with a lush feel to it.

6.)Buying something that you would never buy for yourself

In retrospection, gifting your loved ones something you would not buy for yourself sounds appalling. The availability of so many choices confuses us and we end up choosing items we would not buy for ourselves.

By considering the above points, you can avoid making mistakes with premium Diwali gifts.

There is no dearth of Diwali gifts that are available online making it difficult to pick a right one, which makes it stressful. Gifting should be a pleasurable experience. Melangegift helps you deliver complete gift satisfaction with our assortment of expensive Diwali Gifts. We have products imported from the world’s best brands. Now there will be no more unmet expectations and inappropriate gifts. Our gifts are practical, unusual and add to the charm of a place. The shimmer of our gifts adds a dash of bling to the occasion. We would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to some of the classy and awe-inspiring Diwali gifts from u

Silver Lord Ganesha Idol
Silver Lord Ganesha Idol

You cannot go wrong with the God idols. Made of precious metal like silver, they are a perennial favorite Diwali gift idea. Pray for auspicious beginnings for your loved ones as you gift them this divinely crafted idol of Lord Ganesha, seated on a beautiful silver base with engraved designing. Gift this exquisite idol to your loved ones.


Flower Motif Coffee Mug with Spoon (GI1084)-

Featuring beautiful flower motifs at the bottom potion, catch your guests by surprise and enjoy the depths of this tea-coffee mug. Relish your favorite blend or brew with the classic appeal of this mug. It also makes a remarkable gift item. 


Ceramic Flower Gold Tea-Cup Set (GI1115)-

Ceramic Flower Gold Tea-Cup Set
Ceramic Flower Gold Tea-Cup Set

Do away with boring cup sets this Diwali. Make your tea sessions super chic with this charming cup set. The refinement of this set, adorned with golden pattern makes it an impressive present. It lends easy sophistication to any table setting.


Golden Flower Silver Box (JB1043)-

Golden Flower Silver Box
Golden Flower Silver Box

Cast a mesmerizing spell with this uber exquisite Golden Flower Silver Box. Beautiful patterns come alive on this box, making it stand out of the rest. It elevates the beauty of any dresser with peppy warmth. Get it delivered in a plush packaging.


Crystal Bowl Set with Silver Tray (TS1008)- This is just the right pick for you if suave sophistication marks your style statement. It comes flaunting an elegant design that has a captivating effect. Anyone receiving this gift is sure to be flattered and thank you for being so thoughtful with your gift.


Silver Bowls with Spoon and Tray (TS1005)- This is a gorgeous yet practical addition to any kitchen setting. These bowls are crafted to charm with their arty pattern making them a calming treat to the eyes and are apt for serving dry-fruits, candies and such. Set grace to the table with the lush finesse of these bowls. Get them now!


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