Great Diwali Gifts: Expectations vs. Reality

Diwali has rung in! Diwali- a time to celebrate prosperity and the triumph of good over evil. It is meant to be a beautiful revelry. Everyone gets busy doing their  Diwali thing- be it cleaning and lighting up their homes or shopping for gifts. All of us get really excited about the occasion. Diwali gifts are the most interesting part of the festival. We love this tradition of exchanging gifts and have great expectations about the gifts we give and receive. We anticipate and picture everyone loving our gifts and us admiring the gifts presented to us. The shout of cheer, the excited squishy hug, and sometimes the tears of emotion.

But things don’t go as planned. We have idyllic expectations but the reality is very different and our expectations go awry. We have come to accept them. Take a look at these to know what great Diwali Gifts end up to be actually like. Because nothing is exactly how you picture it!

1.) Crafting DIY gifts

Expectation- You want to put in extra efforts to add a personal touch, score some brownie points and be appreciated. So you decide to find something cute on Pinterest and create the work of art.

Reality- Omigod! This looks terrible. Abort Mission!

What you make is miles away from what it should have been actually looked like! You have to give up and hit the market.

2.) Gift Shopping

Expectation- Calm, collected and all sorted out!

You think you will have fun finding perfect gifts for all the dear and special ones and it will be a walk-in-the-park.

Reality- Can’t even find parking, let alone gifts!

You get crazy while shopping- the shops are horrendous, the queues unending, and gifts requiring you to break a bank. It all gets so tiresome that you give up many times while at it.

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3.) Spending on Diwali gifts

Expectation- Full on splurging.

You really want to get something nice, even if it is a bit expensive. You scour the mall or the internet.

Reality- You find a gift, look at the price tag, sadness cover your face and you keep it back.

A lean year it has been and you need to read on blogs about how to save money on Diwali gifts!

4.) Wrapping and packaging of gifts

Expectation- You plan on watching a tutorial and then wrapping your gifts like a pro

You think of yourself as an epitome of sophistication and you decide to wrap the gift all by yourself and showcase your creativity.

Reality- Fail completely!

Not your cup of tea! No.

5.) Gifts Exchange

Expectation- An opulent variety of gifts, something from your Diwali list

You think that all the hints that you dropped will be paid off. And finally this time you will get something really practical and aesthetic.

Reality- Every other gift is Soan Papdi

The thought goes something like ‘Nuh! You shouldn’t really have bought these for me. I have tonnes already,’ or ‘I can’t keep these dry-fruits and sweets because they are fattening. Let me pass on!’

6.) The reaction you have when you open a gift


Expectation- An ear-to-ear smile

You imagine having a huge smile when you the gift wrap comes off and the gift is unveiled.

Reality- The thought ‘Oh no! Another mithai ka dabba’ or ‘Ughhh! The same old cup set!’ with a polite half-smile.

There is nothing like what we Indians do. Ah, we love it!

The stiff smiles that you see when you give gifts make you realize that you screwed up. And all the money and effort went down the drain. But you are not really to be blamed. Maybe you just couldn’t get the gifting game right. That’s because the struggle is real.  We don’t want this to happen with you this Diwali. Understand that Diwali gifts are not about porcelain or plastic dinner sets and sweets. You are doing it all wrong by giving cliched Diwali Gifts. It shows that you didn’t have time to be original. Give a gift that your loved ones deserve and they deserve nothing short of the best. To help you become the star of gifting this Diwali and garner amazing reactions, we have compiled a list of Diwali special gift ideas, find your perfect idea below-


Three Sided Silver Plate
Three Sided Silver Plate

 These make for a festive display par excellence. It lends an impressive feel to gifting. Lay out this elegant plate to adorn your tabletop with flair and silver sparkle. Gift this unique plate to your affectionate ones this Diwali.


Banana Leaf Silver Plate
Banana Leaf Silver Plate

With an exotic leaf shape brought to life, it gives any setting a sumptuous style. Serve guests fine dark chocolates in style this Diwali. Present this to your near and dear ones and make their occasion even more brighter.


Peacock leaf Border Round Silver Bowl
Peacock leaf Border Round Silver Bowl

It makes for a multi-purpose dining table accessory. It will photograph as beautifully as it looks. Every curve of this silver bowl is sculpted to contrast with its sublime counterparts. Pair this with Silver and Gold platters to impress the senses of your guests. Choose this as a Diwali Gift too. 


 Rectangle Wooden Silver Box
Rectangle Wooden Silver Box

Traditional alongside contemporary, it looks good in whatever ambiance it is kept. It is extremely classy and lightweight and comes handy whenever on the move. Gift it to your special ones.

These are a few of many good Diwali Gift ideas. Explore a plethora of options that look great at Melangegift. We wish you a Happy Diwali!

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These are a few of many good Diwali Gift ideas. Explore a plethora of options that look great at Melangegift. We wish you a Happy Diwali!

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