Great Diwali Gifts: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The nip of the festival of joy is in the air! This season everyone is praying for wealth and prosperity. Diwali is a myriad of fun and frolic. And the festival preparations are underway. Your to-do list for the revelry includes cleaning and decorating the house, making sweets,  adding new furnishings and most importantly buying gifts for your closed ones. Diwali and gifts just go together. They are an exciting part of the festival and are indeed a big deal. Who doesn’t like gifts? The answer is no one. But most of us are unsure about what to buy or send. There is a wave of dilemma in our minds about finalizing gifts.

Trawling the internet to search for a perfect Diwali gift and still going all wrong? So you settle for what seems to be a safe bet for you. Now take a flashback and recall the expressions and reactions you had when you received such dull and uninteresting gifts- ‘Uh! Not again!’ The boring gifts will garner a similar response from the people you gift them to. They end up making no impression whatsoever on the receiver. No one would remember you for your so-called unique gift.

Well, we have broken down the great Diwali gifts category into the Good, the Bad and the Ugly so that you make a well-informed decision about what to gift. Let’s check them out.

The Good Diwali gifts

The real beauty of a gift lies in its applicability. A gift that is both visually appealing and functional is considered as a good gift. While gifting, be mindful and sensitive about the receiver. A gift that exudes lavishness and is beautifully packaged is sure to bring an ear-to-ear smile on the person’s face. The person will remember that you are a person with good taste. 

Gifting flowers and going green with good luck plants is in vogue these days but change the way you gift. How about gifting a gorgeous flower vase with them? You can gift lamps in innovative designs, the silver bowls and baskets, Silver and gold plated platters, Silver Photo Frames, unique candle stands among many others are sure to be treasured for a lifetime. Melangegift has given the ubiquitous old dry fruit box and photo frame a modern twist. This Diwali, keep aside all the hackneyed gifts. 

CTA- Brighten up the festive aura. Go beyond the realms of conventional gifting. Shop at Melangegift

The Bad Diwali Gifts

The variety of gifts are exchanged every year and they range from extremely ‘practical’ dry fruits or sweet dabba to the ugly showpiece that will be re-gifted. We know Diwali is analogous with binge-eating sweets and chocolates. But there has been an impact of diabetes in our society and they are no good for the weight watcher. Some sweets may be adulterated, be of substandard quality or be formalin-mixed. Gifting a sweet box to battling diabetes or a calorie-conscious friend is a definite boo-boo. Dry fruits fall in this category too. They show that you ran completely out of ideas and made no effort whatsoever. If you want to gift dry fruits in regular eats, at least give them packed in a box that looks classy and would find use after it is emptied. 

The knick-knacks and fineries may look noble but they really are not. You might get a good deal on small jars, plastic boxes, and as such but they are just trivial and philistine. Chuck them out if you really want to make your ties strong.   

The Ugly Diwali gifts

Crackers have long been a source of fun but they pollute the air and cause noise pollution too. Please do not gift them. Things like a handbag, a sari or a piece of jewelry that looks outdated make for a terrible gift. The recycled gifts that even the receiver will further pass on are no good. Do not dump them on the other hapless person. Give them only to people who would admire and utilize them. Trashy and tacky showpieces or cheap plastic flowers that look like you picked from some roadside are also off-limits and make for grotesque gifts.  

Put an end to the pointless gift culture. Start a new gifting revolution this season. Whatever the gift you choose, try matching it with people you are gifting it to. But unable to find what to gift? Fret not and relax! We have your back. This year be the star of the celebrations by gifting Diwali Gift from Melangegift. Silver gift items have emerged as a much popular option and make for unique Diwali Gift ideas. With so much plastic around, it is refreshing to see something that does not harm the environment. None of our gifts hurt the planet and you get to save your pockets too. We have gifts that are a class apart. We have choicest gifts that everyone will love. Whatever you buy from us, everyone will adore it.  We have morphed the age-old dry fruit box into exquisite boxes and other mundane items into articles that can be used as add charm to your place. Catch a glimpse-

1.) Oval Antique Stone Pedestal Silver Bowl (FB1008)- This Bowl is antique and fine-looking and puts a fresh twist to the familiar and makes for a joyful addition to your gifting. Gift it to your special ones this Diwali to bring a sense of luxurious flair in their lives and interiors

Square Wire Motif Silver Bowl
Square Wire Motif Silver Bowl

 A great pick ahead of the festive season, this bowl provides a touch of luxe to your presentation. Gift it to your affectionate ones and add to their delight of the festival.

Blue Enamelled Silver Bowl
Blue Enameled Silver Bowl

 This exquisite Bowl lends its contents an irresistible charm. Present this to your dear ones this Diwali if you wish to gift something that they would not ever want to keep back in the box.

Oval Shaped Fluted Silver Bowl
Oval Shaped Fluted Silver Bowl

 It is apt to keep wine bottles on the tabletop in this extremely beautiful bowl. It also makes for an attractive gift when complemented with our royal looking silver wine glasses.

Three Sided Gold Platter
Three Sided Gold Platter

 This bowl makes handy tableware with an impeccable quality that lasts and is just the pick for you if you want to gift your loved ones something perfectly gorgeous.

Make your loved one feel royal. Have a beautiful Diwali with our unique ideas for Diwali Gifts!

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