How to Save Money on Premium Diwali gifts

Our favorite festival of lights, Diwali, is around the corner. It is not just any festival, but the most important one. It is a feeling of love and appreciation to the people we hold dear and close to our hearts. You let go off all the misunderstandings and tell your special ones how they brighten up your life. Gifts are the best way to do recognize each individual in your life and to show gratitude and affection, they convey a lot of feelings. Gifts are a medium to say and express your love in gestures more than words. They make your loved ones feel cherished. But with gifts comes inevitable truth of expenditure.

Buying gifts for everyone is sure to deflate your wallet and drive a hole in your financial plan. The trickiest thing to do is saving money without belittling anyone by not getting them a gift or gifting a cheap-looking one. Some smart and effective budgeting will save you from burning a hole in your pocket. We understand that you do not want to blow your money. To ease your troubles, we have convened some really quick tips to help you save money on Premium Diwali Gift Shopping.

1.) Make a Diwali budget and Check-List

Diwali is a busy time across all households. Most people make a big yearly purchase during this time, they carry out repair and paint jobs or order new furnishings. It would, therefore, be wise to follow a strict budget and make a check-list to control the expenses. Avoid being faced with a sudden dip in your saving by sticking to a budget and factoring in all the people you need to gift and what to gift. Have a clear picture of how much you are going to spend. This will save you from spending on items you don’t need. Also, do not pay using credit cards or else the statement next month will shock you.

2.) Look for Deals and Discounts

There are tonnes of discounts and deals available both online and offline, making the spender spoilt silly for choice. But you must remember that discounts do not always mean you are saving money.  Do not get swayed by what might look like a good offer. Remember that there is no free lunch. Unrealistic discount might mean that is old stock. You need to do your math properly and account for subsequent taxes before making a purchase. Be fully convinced before going for a deal.

3.) Buy early

People keep putting off their Diwali gift shopping until the last minute. Do not shop at the 11th hour. You will hurt your wallet since many stores increase up their prices around the last time. Buying early will give you many more options to choose from and reduced price. And you will be stress-free when the festival arrives.


4.) Steer Clear from shopping at malls- All that Glitters is not gold

The nearby mall may lure you with interesting options into buying gifts that are swanky( Read: expensive). They charge you more than markets and online portals and sell at fixed prices so there are no chances of bargaining and you end up paying double the amount.  They will pinch your pocket at the checkout counter. We advise you to stay away from these malls.

5.) Compare Prices

You need to follow the practice of comparing prices and checking out all the available and possible options to make sure you get the best deal for you. Score a bargain by doing a casual survey of the market. At times, you can buy a thing of better quality at a lower price, if you look at the right place. Some brands charge more just in their names.

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6.) Try to get free shipping and Packaging

Buy from reputed and reliable websites to avail free shipping. This will save you plenty, both time and money that you would otherwise spend on transportation. Presentation of gifts makes a world of difference. It shows your commitment to the whole process of gifting. To save funds, pick stores and website that give tasteful corrugated packaging for free with Diwali Gifts.

7.) Type of Gifts to buy

Don’t just buy anything even when you are pressed for time. You might not be sure as to what to gift, for you cannot know everybody’s likes and dislikes. Go for a gift that has the chances of being liked by most people (Hint- Silver Gift Items). Make sure you do not buy something that the receiver would not even use and it just ends up gathering dust. Give some thought and effort and then buy.

8.) Buy in bulk From Wholesale Dealers

Try to make most of the offers by buying Diwali Gifts in bulk. Purchase your gifts in one single swoop at a lower price.

9.) Buying Gifts online is Cost-effective

The markets remain crowded during the time of Diwali. This makes Diwali shopping a tiresome experience. But thankfully it is the age of the internet. Opt for online shopping. It is price-savvy. Etailer websites have a huge array of products at a reduced price. They have dedicated Diwali pages that are updated daily for deals. They help you find budget-friendly and best Diwali Gift ideas without much investment of time and effort. They also offer free shipping and wrapping of gifts.

These tips will help you spend your money better. Leave behind chocolates, sweets, wallets, deodorants this Diwali. We have also mustered best gift ideas for Diwali for you. Take a sneak peek in our website.

You can pick Butterfly Silver Box on wood

You can pick Butterfly Silver Box on wood
You can pick Butterfly Silver Box on wood

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Piano Shaped Enamelled Silver Box
Piano Shaped Enamelled Silver Box

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Om Handle Diya Agarbatti Set
Om Handle Diya Agarbatti Set

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