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“A budget isn’t about restricting what you can spend. It gives you permission to spend without guilt or regret.”

Often perception of what the best present can be is limited. And more often than not, it is found people think giving an expensive present is ‘it’. It isn’t.

Happiness can be found in even the tiniest of things. Similarly, a perfect gift can be small too but it must come from heart and mind. Perfect corporate gifts under 1500 is a one that is practical and sufficient in spreading immense brand awareness with just being useful.

Want more tips from us on the ‘best present’ in the business world? Well here they come –

  • Give exclusive, exciting, enthralling and multipurpose corporate gifts under 1500. When the humans are multi-talented, why should there gifts remain mundane?

Give gifts with eternal shine and purpose.

  • Moreover, get your gift recipients excited and then ecstatic with the reusable fashionable gift boxes. Because who would want to waste such beautiful boxes?

Now get them beaming with happiness! 😉


Find How Why You Need Corporate Gifts Under 1500 This Year!

Does your heart break upon watching the expressions of your gift recipient turn into a fake one? Are you tired of receiving and handing out the same boring, impractically crafted and preposterous gifts to the ones who mean more than just a colleague, client, boss or executive to you?

We are MeLANgE and we bring you Silver gifts from our desirable collections of Corporate Gifts under 1500 for your loyal officials!

Make this year special for the ones you work hard with to reach specific goals, who dream about and work hard for success, just like you. Let this year be known and celebrated for the new beginnings, the path to success and the lessons learnt from failures along the way.

Is there someone at work whose existence matters to you more than anyone else’s? Is there someone who makes your day with a warm welcome, comfortable words and a mug of coffee? Or do you want a clean slate with someone at your sacred workplace?

Fikar not, we bring you just the perfect gifts to win them over even if they are the most stubborn people you have ever known. We understand and know your officials are unique. Therefore, we bring you exclusive presents from our collections of Corporate gifts under Rs 1500 just for them.

Make sure they know you appreciate them. Moreover, show gratitude for their unexpected help and the way they motivated you when hit rock bottom. The favors they did when you expected the least of everyone.

Tour our enthralling and practical gifting solutions.

Choose the one or ten you love and soar to victory alongside us.

Corporate world is an intimidating one but also the one with opportunities of earning huge revenues if you know just how to earn more than a good repute of your brand. Gifts are a fine way to show your officials, clients and customers that you and your organization appreciates them in an honest and thoughtful way. Corporate gifts under 1500 provide an outstanding asset by strengthening associations that lead to more and continuous business.

As said by a genius human “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Admirable corporate gifts under Rs 1500 make your gift recipient feel that you care about them and that you cherish your affiliation with them. That is the heritage of a stunning gift. Gift giving with MeLANgE does not have to be a chore, as you choose from the engrossing and multipurpose Silver products. Do you want to be amongst one of the known organization’s who’s not only brand but also compassion for executives, clients and employees is the talk of the town or the one which people barely know? Definitely former, right?

Do you as an individual want to etch a place in the heart and soul of the executives, clients and employees with your unique gifting style and the perfect Corporate gifts under 1500?

With our wonderful products, you just might! We are headed towards success and wish to take you along.

This gifting season, give more than just a simple hand out to those who deserve more. Who deserves the best amongst the rest because of who your organization, your team is blooming like no other. Gift them MeLANgE’s perfections in the form of Corporate gifts under Rs 1500 and see how their eyes light up in acknowledgement and appreciation for the revitalizing gifts.

See why MeLANgE is flawless for Corporate gifts under 1500 apart from all the stunning products we have in stores just for you. MeLANgE is available for you round the clock. Furthermore, we keep ready stocks to help you plan the exquisite and Best Corporate gifts under Rs 1500 at the oddest of the hour! Tour our silver products and make yours and others festivities beautiful by these spectacular beauties.

MeLANgE has a rare and beautiful collection of Corporate gifts under 1500 for every occasion.

We also have diverse and elegant products for the likes of everyone around you.

Giving out personalized and customized Corporate gifts under Rs 1500 may sound a simple marketing technique but it’s the most efficient and resultant one and the one which brings a genuine smile to faces of the recipients. Because everyone loves those gifts which have their name, zodiac sign or even a logo embossed on them. Give our silver articles and get valued for your remarkable choices. Got you curious over our choices of gifts, didn’t we?

Along with endless products to satisfy your needs we bring you an Anti-Tarnish guarantee that helps instill your faith in us and free delivery across India too! Do you know an organization who not only believes in fulfilling customer satisfaction but also gives stunning free boxes with the products that you order?

No, not those boring, dull and unimpressive cardboard ones. The designed and beautiful ones! You will not only receive our silver multipurpose products but multipurpose boxes as well. Use those free-boxes as containers at the office, home and décor or as a container to give your precious gifts to your special ones, it’s entirely up to you. Amazing, right? What are you waiting for? Get to MeLANgE’s site now.

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