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For The Soothing Evening!

This evening, get ready to add a luxurious touch to your sophisticated wine as you are giving the glasses it deserves with our plush collection of silver wine glasses. Crafted with high-quality material and have an intricate design that will enrich the ambiance of any wine console. These modishly designed glasses are perfect for special occasions and are best for serving and gifting purposes too. These glasses will help the wine’s aromas and flavors to develop better and enhance your experience with every sip. Wine glasses are truly one of the best gifts for your affectionate ones and will help you to enhance the charm of your house bar.

Melangegift has a plush collection of silver wine glasses with intricate design. These glasses come with an anti-tarnish guarantee for the assurance of the quality you claim. Get your gift wrapped in an alluring gift box for free for the impressive first impression on the receiver’s mind. The receiver will surely laud with the choice of your gift and will remember you for these wine glasses for the treasure of years to come. Moreover, it will also help you to embellish your home decor and will attract the onlooker. So, what are you waiting for? Have a look at silver wine glasses and cart your favorite wine glass!

A Glass of Wine Can Make A Good Day!

Love is in the air and always great with your affectionate ones and yes with a Glass of Wine too. Well, science says wine makes you wealthy and wisher! Do you know how? The studies proved that wine contains antioxidants and boosts up the immune system and bone density. It also helps in reducing cholesterol and thus performs better in the functioning of the heart. This truth is known by wine lovers only. Imagine you are invited to a party and you are holding a glass of wine and enjoying the party with dance. Isn’t it cool? In short, Be it a party or any occasion, wine and fun go hand-in-hand. So, it wouldn’t be better if you serve wine in a silver drinking glasses. What do you think?

Wine Glasses As A Gift!

If you want to give something special to your guests, friends, clients, vendors and employees then decorative wine glasses are the best. Make your wine lover friends and relatives happy on every occasion and shower your love and emotions towards them. It may be a big deal but trust us, it will go a long way in setting a mood on every occasion, and wherever wine is served. Crystal wine glasses as a gift for wine crazy friends is truly a perfect gift for them and they will surely laud with the choice of your gift. So, what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite wine glass from our great collection.

We can understand, the selection of the best wine glasses is a daunting task. Don’t worry! It is time to ditch old fashioned and low-quality glasses and welcome Silver Wine Glasses. Yes, you heard it right! Silver Wine Glasses! The shine of the silver will glorify your relation with the receiver and make your gift remarkable. Your gift must be thoughtful and is of good quality to leave a memorable impression on the receiver’s mind. Hence, say cheerful hello to a classy and sassy collection of Melangegift’s Silver Wine Glasses online at a reasonable price. 18:43 to 20:13.

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Diwali, New Year, Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas


Diwali, New Year, Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas


Valentine’s Day, Diwali, New Year, Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas


Diwali, New Year, Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas


Diwali, New Year, Christmas


Diwali, New Year, Christmas

Adorning The Ambiance!

Are you fussy about your glasses and prefer to drink beverages and alcoholic drinks in sophisticated glassware? If yes, then you surely need a wide assortment of crystal wine glasses for your kitchen decor and household items. The pleasure of going out to a bar is served with mocktails and cocktails yet no bar can give you a cozy and comfortable environment like your own home. So, why not bring the bar at home? Isn’t it amazing to have the shots of glasses for tequila nights, whiskey acrobats for gloomy thoughts, and the glass of rum for your blind date with your Old Monk? How Romantic it was, isn’t it? Moreover, you can add a zing to your evening with a glass of champagne to celebrate in style and to glorify the moment! It is truly fun and will make your evening better with your affectionate one.

You can enhance the charm of your kitchen and household items by bringing silver wine glasses at home. The shine of the glasses will make your party more delightful and the guests will surely love to have wine or drinks in them. The red and white wine tastes better in silver Wine Glasses and will help you to give a classy touch to your home decor. It shines bright and will attract the onlooker towards it. You will also be delighted when you have a sip of wine or alcohol in the sophisticated glasses. It will relax you and give you leisure pleasure. So, what are you waiting for? Browse now on our website today and pick your favorite Silver Wine Glass. Let’s enter into the world of sophisticated glassware.

Why Choose Melangegift For Silver Plated Wine Glasses India?

Melangegift is the platform that deals with silver gifts and makes your online purchase hassle-free. We have a wide range of silver gifts that are imported from the world’s best brands. They are crafted with fineness and have lacquering on them that ensures they shine for a long time or protects them from getting tarnished. For the assurance of the quality, all of the gifts come with an anti-tarnish guarantee for 12 months. We have a modern design of Silver Wine Glasses that will stand out best in the crowd of other glasses. You will definitely appreciate the choice of our collection. We have a plethora of best wine glasses! Moreover, we know that the first impression is the last impression, so, for an impressive presentation of the gifts, get them wrapped in alluring gift boxes for free.

We are also happy to serve you at your doorstep and we are ready to walk extra miles for your convenience. Hence, get your order delivered at your location without paying a dime within seven working days. Moreover, we let you save big, especially on bulk orders of decorative wine glasses. Simply, we offer great discounts on every purchase. Now, you can also order at any time without any hesitation, even at the last minute too because we have ready stocks available all the time. So, why go elsewhere when Melangegift is here! Buy the best wine glasses online now.

Happy Gifting 

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