MeLANgE is an exclusive and a premium Brand launched by Beliram Jain Silverware Manufacturing co. which has been working in the field of pure silverware and other artifacts from the last three decades, versatile in its offerings and superior in its quality.

MéLANgE a name synonymous with beauty, quality & workmanship, bring to you a host of intricately ornamental and elegantly designed decorative piece from across Europe and Asia. Our pieces are selected not only for their aesthetic finesse but for their craftsmanship and quality, ensuring that you received the very best.
Our exquisite collection consists of office tableware or utility articles like photo frames, gift items, trays, candle stands, fruit bowls, among several other items. We have the highest standards of quality assessment before it is added to our inventory to negate even the slimmest chance of flaws.

MeLANgE is a renowned name within the decorative items industry with impeccable experience that quietly makes itself visible through our products. We give utmost importance to this satisfaction of our clients and strive in all seriousness to exceed their expectations, not only in terms of the caliber of our products but also of the services we bring to them..