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I thought of gifting something other than sweet boxes this Diwali and thank God I found Melangegift. Such beautiful gifts. It was hard to pick one. Impeccable service!



Ordered 40 silver boxes for gifting dry-fruits this Diwali and my loved ones still compliment me for gifting them! Thank you Melangegift.



Awesome- the one word that describes Melangegift. From picking gifts to their delivery- you guys made it a cinch, a happy experience!



My relatives loved their Diwali gifts this time. Now even they want to order from you..



Claps for such wonderful services! Alluring anti-tarnish gifts, free gift box, and delivery :- I couldn't ask for more.

Kirti Kaur

Brighten up the Festive Aura with the Sparkle of Silver Diwali Gifts

Think vibrant lights, kaleidoscopic festive decorations, and zillion presents! That’s Diwali for everyone. The verve of Diwali is already in the air! Air around us is filled with the incense of good fortune and well-being. It’s time to rejoice, make new beginnings, and cherish old relationships. Exuberant celebration and magnificent jollification of Diwali. It includes making the house spic and span, decorating it, get-togethers with family and friends, and binging on scrumptious sweets.

Also known as ‘Deepavali’, Diwali marks the triumph of good over evil and return of Lord Rama, Sita, and Laxman after an exile of 14 years. The festival is celebrated in the honor of their return. This year Diwali will be celebrated on the 4th of November 2021 with Lakshmi Pujan Muhurat from 18:10 to 20:06.

 Silver Plated Diwali Gifts

Diwali, one of the most important festivals in India and worldwide, is a celebratory affair, of which exchanging the best Diwali gifts are a primary highlight. It is time for people to go on a shopping spree and splurge on themselves and the ones they hold dear. This instills the essence of love and brotherhood, with the magnifico gifts. Unique Diwali Gifts show that your loved one was on your minds and you invested time in thinking about what they would like. This would show that you went out of your way to find the best Diwali gifts for them. Even if the size of the gift is small, it should be of the finest quality so that your affectionate ones feel really special.

Present something that captivates the beholder, something not many people would gift. A gift that has a luxury feel to it shows the receiver how important they are in your life.

If you are tired of hunting for unique Diwali Gifts and if you are loath to gifting and receiving run-of-the-mill prezzies, we have got you covered. Melangegift brings luxury, pureness, and fineness to you this Diwali. We have an array of products that range from Silver Bowls to Silver Boxes To Silver Idols and many more. Melangegift is redefining the ritual of gifting with silver products. Whether exquisitely crafted silverware, home decor pieces, and pooja articles, if you want the silver that you gift or own shining brighter than the others, then shop from us. Present your loved ones with these meticulously selected unique Diwali Gift Ideas in Silver and Gold Plating.

Go beyond the realms of conventional gifting- Shop Best Diwali Gifts

Break the cliche of sweets and dry-fruits as Diwali gifts. People generally see them and exclaim ‘Oh, I already know what is coming my way!’ With changing times, emerging trends, and developing tastes, it is indispensable to look for alternatives like Gold and Silver Plated Diwali Gifts. This Diwali, save yourself from being branded as ‘predictable’. The out-of-the-box gifts from us are so exciting that they make a statement of a gift. They are sure to stand out from the rest and people will remember you for the unique Diwali gifts you presented them. Moreover, give a gift that your loved ones actually deserve and they deserve nothing short of the best. We have both traditional and non-traditional gifts and we satisfy even the pickiest buyer.

Premium Silver-plated articles are available with us in an eclectic range to choose from. Our portal features classic and awe-inspiring Diwali Gifts for family & Diwali Gifts for employees. We have over 300 designs consisting of Silver Bowls, Silver Trays, Enamelled Photo Frames, Silver Pooja articles, Silver Dry Fruit Boxes, Jewelry Boxes. Our collection also hasTabletop items, Silver God Idols, Home Decor items among others. Melangegift has ready stocks available and we make delivery to any location in India within 7 working days. Our products are lacquered which keeps the looks of the gifts intact. We offer a one-year anti-tarnish guarantee for all our products.

Corporate Diwali Gifts For a Lasting Impression

Corporate Diwali Gifting is on the rise since the last decade. It is a great way to show that a company genuinely appreciates all their business relationships and that they think of them. It also leads to more and sustained business. Whether a company wants to acknowledge long-standing customers, remind their clients about their company and reinforcing the bonds with them, recognize the hard work of the employees. The motive behind Diwali gifting is to corroborate relationships and better the connections. They are also resourceful in building brand image, impressing existing customers, and maintaining their loyalty.

A bad gift has the potential to put the company name at stake and also become labeled as ‘cheap’. Diwali Gifting elucidates as a gesture of a healthy association of companies with their people. It invites the employees to work better and appreciates them for their work. Gratify your clients with premium Diwali gifts and spread happiness this festive season.

If you are a purchase manager or an HR professional of a company, you must have been assigned a premium Diwali Gifts budget and are required to spend frugally. We help you cut back in time and money. Melangegift presents to you nifty corporate Diwali Gifts ideas for corporates online. We also give appealing Diwali online shopping offers. Melangegift even provides the option of customizing and personalizing the gifts according to your preference, for example, if you want your logo or company name to be printed, it is also possible. We have a plethora of gifts that makes it easy for you to pick Diwali gift to clients and impress them. Also creating a brand recall and awareness.

Unparalleled Assortment of Religious Silver Diwali Gifts

Lakshmi Pujan is an important part of Diwali. Commemorate the win of good over evil by gifting pooja articles that make pious and traditional Diwali gifts. Add more auspiciousness to the occasion with Om Handle Silver Diya Agarbatti Set or Om Handle Silver Bell. You can never go wrong with silver-plated Lakshmi Ganesha Idols. Pray for auspicious beginnings for your loved ones as you gift them this divinely crafted idol of Lord Ganesha, seated on a beautiful silver base with engraved design. Gift this exquisite idol to your loved ones. These are essential religious elements of all the pooja offerings on Diwali. Present this to your affectionate ones to elevate the devoutness of the occasion. This will escalate the religious atmosphere of their home, making it even more divine and pleasant.

Unique Diwali Gift Ideas at Melangegift

Going beyond the common gifting ideas, Melangegift strives to redefine how Diwali gifts are chosen and presented. They are not limited to just a handful of gift ideas ranging from Diwali gift ideas for family & Diwali Gift ideas for corporates. Our gifts meet your expectations and are budget-friendly too. We have paid careful attention to the idea and essence behind the festival. Silver and gold plated items are gifts that gorgeously adorn the place and can be used practically too, always staying in vogue, garnering compliments.

Melangegift helps you deliver complete gift satisfaction with our assortment of luxurious Diwali Gifts. We have products imported from the world’s best brands. Now there will be no more unmet expectations and inappropriate gifts. Our gifts are practical, uncommon, and add to the charm of a place. The shimmer of our gifts adds a dash of bling to the occasion. Present your loved ones with these meticulously selected best Diwali Gift ideas.

Diwali Gift Type Best Diwali Gift Items Diwali Gifts By Relation
Silver Gifts Silver Baskets, Silver Bowls, Silver Dry Fruit Box, Silver Mugs Diwali Gifts For Family
Personalized Gifts Silver Photo Frames, Silver Plates, Silver Tray Set, Combos Diwali Gifts For Employees
Silver Lord Idols Lakshmi and Ganesha Idols in Different Sizes Diwali Gifts For Friends
Silver Pooja Articles Silver Diyas, Agarbatti Set, Silver Bell, Om Handle Silver Pooja Set Diwali Gifts For Clients
Decorative Items Silver Candle Holders, Silver and Gold Vases, Silver Lamps, Decor Showpieces Diwali Gifts For Office Staff

Experience Hassle-free Online Diwali Gifts Delivery with Melangegift

Everyone is so focused on convenience and ease these days, and Melangegift delivers exactly that. We blend traditional gifting trends with modern techniques. Buying gifts for everyone is sure to deflate your wallet and drive a hole in your financial plan. MelANgE understands that you do not want to blow your money. Our portal has gifts for every budget and we appease even the choosiest buyer.

We provide tastefully attractive packaging in exquisite boxes without charging you a penny. You need not worry about the shipping care of the product, we will get your gift delivered at your doorstep, again for free! Shop with us for an ocean of gifts and send Diwali Gifts online. Melangegift makes online gift shopping a wonderful experience for you.

Important festivals around Diwali

5 Brilliant festivals that encompass the festival of Diwali are:

  1. Dhanteras-Goddess Lakshmi- the goddess of wealth and Lord Dhanvantari- the physician of Gods are worshipped to provide health, good fortune, and well-being on the first day. It is the day of celebrating wealth.
  2. Narak Chaturdashi or Chhoti Diwali - This day the victory of Lord Krishna over demon Narakusha is celebrated. People celebrate by worshipping the deities with full fervor by lighting diyas and candles.
  3. Lakshmi Pooja- The most important day of celebration is Diwali. Everyone worships Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha to garner blessings of health, wealth, and prosperity. People visit each others’ houses to greet them with best wishes and exchange gifts.
  4. Govardhan Pooja- People deify their machinery, armaments, and instruments on the fourth day. Annakut is distributed in temples everywhere to feed people.
  5. Bhai Dooj- The Fifth and last day marks the celebration of the bond between brothers and sisters. Sisters apply a Kesar ‘tikka’ on the forehead of their brothers and pray for their life-long happiness and success. Brothers, in return, give them gifts and pledge to protect them.

Diwali Dream = receiving perfect Diwali Gifts. Browse our treasure trove of Diwali Gifts 2020. Take a bit of forward-thinking this Diwali. Give a gift that never goes out of style and is far from ordinary. Delight your loved ones this Diwali with unique gifts and make them smile from ear-to-ear. Not only do you get free delivery to send Diwali Gifts India from us but elegant corrugated packaging boxes too! Have a smooth and trouble-free gifting experience with us. Get your game on and gift like a pro. Order now!

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