Maat Egyptian God Statues


  • We bring you to our traditional Egyptian take with this Maat Goddess Egyptian Statue.
  • It features Maat: Ancient Egyptian Goddess of truth, justice, balance, law, and morality.
  • Figurine of Egyptian Goddess Ma’at kneeling sideways on platform with outstretched wings. She dones a feathered headdress and jewelry around her neck.
  • To help you get done with your packaging, this gift comes with free fascinating gift boxes
  • Dimensions- 35cmx8cmx35cm
  • Best Suited For-Housewarming Gift, Diwali Gift, Corporate Gift, Wedding Gift, Anniversary Gift, New Year Gift, Birthday Gift, Gift For Her, etc.
  • To dust off, avoid using coarse fibers or fabrics, such as paper or rough polyester, as these can result in scratching. Use a soft cloth or cotton.