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Kyunki Holi Haiiiii!

Pyaar se darr nahi lagta sahab color se lagta hai! ūüėÄ

It’s time you paint the canvas of your loved one’s lives with the best Holi Gifts.

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Why Do We Celebrate The Festival Of Colors- HOLI?

The History & Significance

Boo-yahh! It's going to be Holi soon! And we will be saying "Bura na mano Holi Hai". Holi is a festival of joy, happiness, colors, gujiyas and also of triumph of good over evil. We celebrate Holi for two consecutive days. On the first day, people worship the logs of wood (that are symbolic of Holika and Prahlad) in the morning and in the evening they are lit into a holy fire. People offer sweets and other delicacies to the lord Narsimha.

Okay, we will tell you the gist of the whole story. Prahlad, the son of an evil king named Hiranyakashyap, was a staunch devotee of Lord Narayana. The king demanded his subjects to worship no other God but him. But his son worshiped Lord Narayana. Disappointed with his son, he ordered his sister Holika to make him sit in her lap and enter the fire to burn him. Holika had a boon to remain unhurt while entering fire. Since Prahlad was a true devotee, he was saved and Holika got burnt. Hence, we light fire to the log of woods and pull out the centre wood to signify victory of good over evil and our faith in God.

The next morning people express their jollification and greet each other by applying colors, exchanging gifts and offering sweets and delicacies. Gifts are also an important part of Holi celebrations like every other. If you are planning to give Holi Gifts, we urge you to take a look at expansive and eclectic Holi gift ideas.

Holika Dahan-18th March

Holika Dahan Timing 2022 = 09:03 PM to 10:13 PM

MarchRangwali Holi on 19th March

Purnima Tithi Begins = 01:29 PM on Mar 17, 2022

Purnima Tithi Ends = 12:47 PM on Mar 18, 2022

Holi is undoubtedly one of the happiest festivals. It is celebrated with lots of fun and enjoyment. People unite and smudge colors on each other's faces'. Why not gift amazing presents to shower love on your special ones in your family, your relatives and friends. Melangegift  has scintillating (literally!) gifts for Holi.

We have scouted some amazingly alluring gifts that would have your heart-rending Holi greetings and wishes conveyed to your important people. To make this day more special, Melangegift has made Holi Gifts online available so that you can share a smile of happiness on your loved ones faces.

Scout Through Our Timeless Holi Special Gift

Holi marks the starting of a new year according to the Hindu calendar. It is, therefore, symbolic of a new beginning that is full of hopes. The auspicious and cheerful festival of Holi is sure to bring jovial moments in your life and our gifts will make you add more charm to the festivity. Melangegift will assist you in making this Holi a memorable one. We have a timeless collection of Holi special gifts so that you convey and express your feelings the best way. Leave no stone unturned to remind your loved ones that you remember, value and love them in every happy occasion, and want them to be a part of it, even if they are far.

Our online portal takes pride in bringing to you the latest gift ideas for Holi. We have uniquely  comprehensive collection of Holi gifts where you can find gifts for everyone, be it your family, friends or relatives. Surprise your wife with unique Holi gift for wife. We have made sure our assortment is inclusive of plethora of delightful, colorful and thoughtful Holi Gifts online. Scroll and explore the range now.

Double The Excitement Of The Colorful Celebration With The Vibrant Gifts

Holi is a colorful celebration, so why not make the day more vibrant for your closed ones with lucrative silver gift items by MeLANgE? Have loads of fun with your family and friends with suitable Holi Gifts that signify your love and care. Keeping this colorful celebration in mind, we have the most excellent Gift Ideas for Holi. You browse our collection and we are sure you would agree.

Spread the love with colors of Holi and exclusive gifts with Melangegift's vast collection of Holi gifts that are perfect for gifting it to your friends, family members, and other relatives. We offer more ways of offering colorful and joyous surprises to loved ones on this Holi by providing premium packaging for FREE. Not just that we also offer free shipping of your gifts. Our gifts are lacquered for a long lasting shine.

Melangegift has the best happy Holi gift for friends, best Holi gifts for family and Holi gifts for employees. We also have Holi corporate gifts for your business accords. We have an awe-inspiring range for you to make use of online gift delivery. Our team will move heaven and earth to make your Holi celebration memorable. We help you to make all events more rejoicing by sending gifts to those that matter, even if you are separated by distance. Explore our gifts selection, choose one that meets your needs, make the payment and leave the rest on us.

Do me a favor, Let’s play Holi!

Holi Hai, Hurray!!

Happy Gifting 

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