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Do you have someone in your life who’s scared of the dark or is that your wedding bells we hear?
Whatever the case maybe, MeLANgE is here ready as ever to help you!
As said, “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light”.
Find your happiness with our enthralling silver candle holders and not only make your guests go ‘gaga’ over the statement candle stands but also make that someone special in your life feel cherished!
Does your beloved love candle light dinners?
What better way to surprise them than having one with a fascinating silver candle holder set?
Be it small gatherings or a romantic dinner, it is imperfect without a chic decorative candle stand.
Make them feel precious today!
We are MeLANgE and we bring you the best out of the rest!
Gifts have been a part of the culture since the early ages, then why just give mundane gifts to your loved ones?
Gifts should be such that makes the one receiving it feel loved and valued, and the one giving it proud.
Add not only elegance but also a unique style with the exclusive gifts MeLANgE offers you.
Metal candle holders are an extraordinary present that’ll not only help you stand out amongst the rest but also would be an exceptional way to give a token of remembrance to add an engrossing product to your affectionate one’s collection.
Brighten your home with attractive votives and stunning crystal candle holder available online from Mélange.
Tour our site to know more about the silver candle stand online.
Crystal candle stand keep the candles inside burning, safe and stable. Your safety matters to us.
Purchase metal candle holders, elegant decorative candle stand and add a hint of color to your décor. All you need to do is, browse through our exquisite silver products and choose the one or two for you!
For a modern and authentic look, place one on either side of your mantel, a cupboard, or in your dining area.
How can silver candle holders help your organization grab the attention of your potential clients?
Do you hesitate before handing out the gifts to your clients?
Everyone gets jaded by receiving similar handouts from numerous organizations.
Don’t make that blunder. Not only you but your organization’s brand might suffer!
Give your clients these crystal candle stand holders as a part of unique corporate gifting and increase not only your brand’s recall but also repute with a usable present.
Everyone loves those presents which depict sentimental values but are useful and long lasting.
Show your clients that your organization not only appreciates them but also values their association by giving out unique and beautiful gifts.
Let them remember you and your organization as they light their favorite scented candles with a hidden message behind your gift; Your organization will always be there to shed some light onto their path to success.
MeLANgE brings you just that!
Apart from the intriguing silver products we provide multiple facilities which will leave you stunned.
Our motive is your satisfaction and we leave no stone unturned to reach our goal.
At MeLANgE, we are available round the clock just for you and also keep ready stocks to help you plan the attractive gifts for your loved ones at the weirdest of the hour!
We have a wide range collection and we deliver you sanitized products, because your safety is our priority!
We also provide free gift boxes as graceful as the silver products if not more.
With MeLANgE you’ll find our well-polished collection of our silver products that will put your previous handouts to shame.
Imagine the smile of a little girl, dancing in the illumination of a candle.
Warms the heart, doesn’t it? Ours too.
Did you or someone close to you decided to get married amidst this pandemic?
Amazing, because we have just the perfect way with our crystal candle holders to make your sacred day a lot special!
Excited yet?
Yes? No?
Browse our products now and decide for yourself!
Order from anywhere. Get started now.
Along with stunning endless products to satisfy your needs we bring you Anti-Tarnish guarantee that helps instill your faith in us and free delivery across India too!
What are you waiting for?
Get to shopping now with MeLANgE.
Happy hunting!

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